Ventilator Circuits

AquaVENT NEO Heated Breathing Systems

AquaVENT® NEO Heated Breathing Systems combine technological advances in thermal conductivity and breathing circuit construction to deliver optimal and controlled humidification.

Biocote Technology

BioCote® technology proven effective against a 4th multi-drug resistant “superbug”
In Armstrong Medical Ltd’s efforts to reduce the risks associated with hospital acquired infections, AquaVENT® heated breathing circuits are supplied with BioCote® antimicrobial additive to limit the spread of bacterium species between patients and users, should transferable bacteria come into contact with the surfaces of the breathing circuit.

NeoFlow Resuscitation System

Neonatal resuscitation system
Our NeoFlow resuscitation system includes accurate and tactile PEEP control (1). The tubing construction has enhanced flexibility to prevent kinking and aid handling of the system.

NeoFlow resuscitation systems can be supplied with facemasks, O2 connecting tube and O2 analyser T-piece, and also includes a universal connection for all common devices. Our NeoFlow and Blender Buddy can be connected to any neonatal resuscitator for accurate control of flow and O2 concentration and includes integral oxygen monitoring.

NeoFlow resuscitation systems contain BioCote® antimicrobial silver additive to limit the number of microbes on the surface of the breathing circuit, protecting it from microbial colonisation.

Captured Valve – Valve cannot be removed

Red Safety Cap – Protects when not being used. Used to seal circuit for leak testing. Aids in setting of PEEP and PIP.

Neonatal High Flow Nasal Cannula

Soft and flexible neonatal high flow nasal cannula
Neonatal High Flow Nasal Cannula are soft and flexible. For your convenience they are also available as part of a customised breathing circuit.
Soft and flexible neonatal nasal cannula for use in high flow oxygen therapy.

*Single use preventing the risk of cross contamination at an affordable price