Bikes Ergometers

VIAsprint 150P/200P Bicycle and Ergoselect 600 Recumbent Ergometer

The stable mechanical construction of the VIAsprint bike contributes to undisrupted operation. Integrated blood pressure option available for international customers.

Lode Bikes

Corival cpet, Corival Pediatric, Corival Recumbent, and Excalibur Sport Ergometers.

Ergoselect 1000L Ergometer

Optimum patient comfort by flexible adjustment of the couch surface (0 – 45°, remote control) and additional head / shoulder support.

Ergoselect 1200P Stress Echo Supine Ergometer

Microprocessor controlled eddy current brake stress echo supine ergometer with adjustable couch surface (0° – 45°), and the left-lateral position can also be tilted by the same angle. A motor control unit allows positioning of the patient.