UV-360 Room Sanitizer


A non-touch terminal disinfection device to achieve 4 log reduction over 30 HAI pathogens, in 5 mins at 2.44m distance. Successfully used by over 200 hospitals and four of the top five IDNs across the US.




How it works

Short-wavelength ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) kills microorganisms by disrupting their DNA. UV-360 delivers a programmed dose of UV-C light to inactivate pathogens on hospital surfaces.



Strong Performance

UV-360 kills more than 30 HAI-causing pathogens in 5 mins at 2.44m

  • 4-log reduction of difficile spores, as well as 7 viruses
  • Greater than 5-log reduction of over 20 pathogens—including MRSA, VRE and CRE


Clinically Proven
  • UV-360 clinical efficacy is supported by numerous clinical studies, case studies and white papers
  • Studies from University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins Hospital and more


User-Friendly Design
  • UV-Dose Verification Cards used for determining sufficient UV-C dosage have reached targeted surfaces
  • Four maximum-output ultraviolet lamps for strong UV-C intensity
  • Aluminum reflector mast designed for optimum UV-C energy distribution
  • Optimal height and width for hospital-room entrances
  • Simple and easy to use, including intuitive touchscreen interface and effortless maneuverability


Safety Enhancers
  • Polymer-encapsulated UV lamps for maximum safety
  • Four infrared motion sensors to prevent operation if people are present
  • 2-in-1 Lamp Protective Case & Warning Signs




  • Lamp length: 1.55m
  • Footprint: 90 cm diameter circular base, 1.93m tall (from ground to top)
  • Motion Sensors: 360°
  • Delay Timer to turn unit ON: 30 seconds’ delay
  • Lamp Life: 4,000 hours accumulated “ON” time