CO2 Absorbent



Safety with Savings….


The World’s First Strong Alkali Free Absorbent… A Patient Safety First


AMSORB® PLUS is a new generation carbon dioxide absorbent, free from strong alkali metal hydroxides. It absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) from cellular respiration during anaesthesia and unlike other absorbents it is not capable of degrading vaporous anaesthetic agent.


AMSORB® PLUS is specifically designed for low and minimal flow anaesthesia and is supported by an extensive bibliography of peer-reviewed journals.


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Advantages of using AMSORB® PLUS

​Free from Strong Alkali

​AMSORB® PLUS does not contain sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide or barium hydroxide

Unreactive with Modern Anaesthetic Drugs

AMSORB® PLUS does not degrade volatile anaesthetic agents

Eliminates Production of Toxic By-products

AMSORB® PLUS does not generate carbon monoxide under any clinical conditions

AMSORB® PLUS does not generate Compound A, or any similar compounds, when used with sevoflurane

AMSORB® PLUS does not generate formaldehyde when used with sevoflurane

Irreversible Colour Change

AMSORB® PLUS does not contain strong alkali and, therefore, preserves its colour change once exhausted; unlike conventional carbon dioxide absorbents which, once exhausted, revert to their original colour

Safe Operating Room Environment

Minimises dust contamination and is non-corrosive to skin

Dispose of AMSORB® PLUS as per the hospital’s waste management programme for non-contaminated clinical waste