Urinal System



HYGIE – Urinal System

Hygie’s systems are easy to use, efficient, economical and, above all, easy to implement.

The Hygie solution uses Super Absorbent Hygienic® Envelopes and Single Patient Supports to capture excreta and therefore any potential contaminants directly at the source and thus eliminate cross-contamination


The Hygienic Cover® for Urinal Support made from recycled materials is the fast and efficient solution for disposing of urine while avoiding the inconveniences of cleaning and splashing and reducing the risk of cross-contamination. In 30 seconds, the super-absorbent pad contained in the Hygienic Cover® solidifes 600 ml (20 oz) of body fluids. After use, simply tie and discard in the designated area.


  • Can be used with urinal support for both women and men
  • Eliminates cleaning chores
  • No more splashing and spills
  • Fast and easy to implement
  • Does not require any infrastructure investment

Urinal Support 

The Hy21® Urinal Support can effectively manage and contain urine at the point of care. Used with the Urinal Hygienic Covers®, it is the perfect solution to contain infectious pathogens and promote, safe and reliable practices in healthcare.