Hygie Canada | Body Fluid Management Systems

There is a simple and efficient way to manage body fluids

Urinal System

Our urinal system offers solutions that can help the healthcare professional effectively manage and contain urine at the point of care while reducing odours. Our products promote safe and reliable practices in healthcare.

The Hygie Urinal Kit (Support & Hygienic Cover®) reduces the time spent handling body fluids and cleaning and disinfecting contaminated equipment.

The Hygie unisex Urinal Support is used with the Urinal Hygienic Cover. ® Each Hygienic Cover includes a Super-absorbent pad which gelifies up to 600ml of liquid in less than 30 seconds.

Recommended use: 1 Support per patient per stay

Vomit System

Whether in care units, emergency or paramedical service, these areas are more likely to use an emesis container commonly called kidney basin, traditionally made of plastic or cardboard. It is far from being a panacea and even further from being an effective or practical solution and often causes serious mess, contamination and more specifically a lot of cleaning!

Discover Hygie’s solutions to help reduce time spent in handling vomit and eliminate contamination risks.

Bedpan System

Whether you seek to optimize waste management as part of your routine practice or to contain an isolation case, this single-patient bedpan system is the ONLY complete solution on the market that allows stools to be safely handled by both healthcare professionals.