AESCULON Non-invasive Cardiac Output Monitor

Complete Hemodynamic Monitoring System
Product Description:
Complete Hemodynamic Monitoring System. The AESCULON provides a 12’’ high resolution color display that works as a comprehensive, standalone hemodynamic monitor. It provides a complete hemodynamic monitoring system that provides user-defined hemodynamic parameters.

ICON Non-invasive Cardiac Output Monitor

Portable Noninvasive Hemodynamic Monitor
Product Description:
The ICON monitor is a portable, cost-effective monitor for the measurement of cardiac output in neonates, pediatrics, and adults.

Sterile Disposable Bronchoscope

New Broncoflex is a single use flexible video Bronchoscope made in France by The Surgical Company.

There are 2 size available and compatible with the high definition portable display to give a superior image.

Sterile and coming straight out of the packet, the New Broncoflex eliminates any risk of cross contamination.

Available at any time and always ready for use enhancing patient safety.

CO2 Absorbent

AMSORB PLUS is a new generation carbon dioxide absorbent, free from strong alkali metal hydroxides.

It absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) from cellular respiration during anaesthesia and unlike other absorbents it is not capable of degrading vaporous anaesthetic agent.

It eliminates production of Toxic By-products, ensures patient safety and helps to save the cost of anaesthstic drugs during operation.