Dymacare Patient Bedbath Products


Our Dymacare Patient Cleansing Range offers full ranges of products including


Bed Bath Wipes

Wash Mitts

Shampoo Cap


There are different ranges of bedbath products according to your needs, including

  • Fragrance Free Bath
    • For general cleansing
    • Moisturizing and gently cleansing without rinse bath
  • Antibacterial Bath
    • Kills harmful bacteria
    • With 24 hrs antibacterial residual effect
  • 2% Chlorhexidine Bath
    • Standardize care for MASA or other MDRO patients
    • Kills all harmful bacteria
    • Thick and soft cloth texture with 6 hrs antibacterial residual effect
  • Continence Care
    • Ideal all-in-one with 5 actions
      • Barrier protection
      • Deodorizes
      • Cleansing
      • Moisturizes
      • Antibacterial
    • Reduces chance of IAD (Incontinence Associated Dermatitis)
  • Flushable Wipes
    • Totally dispersible and 100% biodegradable wipes that are save to flush
    • Gentle aloe vera formulation is suitable for continence care , sensitive skin or just everyday clean ups