Disposable Antimicrobial Curtain

Disposable antimicrobial curtain to kill log 3, 99.9% of bacteria under 1 minute. Our uniquely Fantex treated Curtain functions beyond all similar products in the market.


Treated with Fantex – the antimicrobial biomimetic polymer. Fantex remains highly active for the entire lifetime of each curtain, quickly killing a very broad range of bacteria, viruses and moulds. The curtains have been comprehensively tested and evaluated to demonstrate the speed, breadth and longevity of Fantex’s action.


Speed of kill
  • Treated with Fantex – the potent antimicrobial biomimetic polymer, proven to kill to log 3, 99.9% within 1 minute
  • Kill time is crucially important to minimize the microbial loading on the curtain surface within a short period of time before another hand touches the same area – to break the chain of cross infection
  • Demonstrates the antimicrobial activity using international standard BS EN ISO 20743 (measuring the bactericidal effect)
  • Pathogens tested reflects the reality-including multi-drug resistant traits


Range of Pathogens

Fantex treated curtain has been shown following anti-microbial efficacies using BS EN ISO 20645 (measuring the bacteriostatic effect):-

  • Bactericidal ( including MRSA, VRE, CRE, E. coli, P. aeruginosa )
  • Fungicidal (Candida albicans)
  • Virucidal (MERS Coronavirus, RSV, Norovisus , Enterovirus)
  • Sporicidal (C. diff)


Longevity of Action
  • Effective bactericidal protection after 12 months of installation in hospital ward, performing >3.2 log killing within 3 mins


Compatibility under changing ward environment

The antimicrobial material has to remain robust against the changing ward environment including of sunlight and contact of disinfectants. Fantex treated curtain tested proven to remain effective below challenges:

  • UV-irritation including UVA, UVB (from sunlight or florescent lamp) and UVC (from disinfection device)
  • Various oxidizing disinfectants (Bleach, Paracetic Acid, HPV, Quats, NaDCC etc…)


Other Features
  • Includes a moulded tieback that keeps the curtain out of the way
  • Date labelling and reorder codes 
  • 100% recyclable
  • Flame Retardant to BS 5867 Part 2 Type C 2008 (UK & EU) & NFPA 701 (US & Canada)
  • The Curtain is listed on NHS Supply Chain
  • 100 % R&D and manufactured in the UK, quality assured


Available in 4 sizes & wide range of color
  • 5m wide x 2m drop
  • 5m wide x 2m drop
  • 6m wide x 2m drop
  • 4m wide x 2m drop
  • Mesh top, custom size and patterns are available to order



Hook Types
  • U Fit (Eyelet)
  • E Fit
  • C Fit
  • J Fit