AquaVENT NEO Heated Breathing Systems



Invasive and Non-Invasive Heated Ventilation Systems for Neonates.

AquaVENT NEO Heated Breathing Systems combine technological advances in thermal conductivity and breathing circuit construction to deliver optimal and controlled humidification.


Nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (NCPAP) is a therapy in daily use with nasal prongs and nasal masks. Evidence suggests that use of both prongs and masks can cause trauma to the septum of preterm infants with equal frequency. Pediatrics (2012) reports that in premature infants, NCPAP was more effective at preventing intubation and ventilation within 72 hours of starting therapy when given via nasal masks compared with nasal prongs.


Bespoke AquaVENT NEO kits can include both nasal prongs and nasal masks.


The AquaVENT NEO humidification chamber delivers controlled and consistent humidity especially during high pressure nCPAP applications.


AquaVENT NEO Invasive breathing circuits are available with a single or double heated limb. The single heated limb includes our unique double seal water trap for efficient management of condenstate.




Pediatrics 2012;130:e1170–e1176


Reduced condenstate formation


Customised solutions


BioCote antimicrobial technology


Enhanced drapability


Cost effectiveness