Breathing Allergy Test

Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO)

A fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) breath testing monitor to measure airway inflammation and improve asthma management.
The NObreath® has been recommended by NICE to measure FeNO and aid in diagnosing asthma, in adults and children, as well as monitoring and managing asthma symptoms of patients.

Hydrogen Breath Testing 

Helping to detect gastrointestinal disorders, the Gastro+™ is a portable hand-held hydrogen breath test. It is designed for health care proffessionals to aid in the detection of gastrointestinal disorders. It can be used as a lactose intolerance test, and to aid in the diagnosis of a variety of gastrointestinal disorders such as fructose intolerance and intestinal bacteria overgrowth.

Methane, Hydrogen and Oxygen Breath Testing

Helping detect gastrointestinal disorders, the GastroCH4ECK® is the newest member of the Gastrolyzer® family. It is a portable breath analysis monitor that measures accurate and real-time combined CH4, H2 and O2. This monitor is intended for multi-patient use by healthcare professionals in a clinical environment.