Body Fluid Management Solutions

Bedpan System

The Hy21® Bedpan support, Extender and Hygienic covers® for bedpan / commode help you to optimize excreta management on a daily basis. Hygienic covers® with a super-absorbent pad are the perfect solution to manage and contain body fluids at the point of care while reducing the risk of cross-contamination and cleaning chores for medical staff.

Urinal System

Urine management is a constant challenge: spills; environmental contamination; the time required by staff to collect, measure, transport and dispose of is a precious loss for every health institution and a risk of contamination that is more and more difficult to manage. The Hygie urinal system addresses this problem in a simple and effective way.

Vomit System

The Hygie vomit system solves all problems related to the vomiting episodes in a simple and effective way.

Single Patient Use Hygienic Cover with Bedpan Support

The Hy-SO Kit is a preventive tool used to proactively isolate a patient as soon as he has the first symptoms of an infection.