Aerogen – High performance aerosol drug delivery

The world leader in acute care aerosol drug delivery

Over 16 million patients in 75 countries have benefitted from our high performance vibrating mesh nebuliser technology for aerosol drug delivery

At every stage of the respiratory journey

Aerogen is a high performance drug delivery device that can cross multiple modalities for ventilated and non-ventilated patients. By delivering more aerosol than any other device, Aerogen can improve patient outcomes at any phase of the patient’s care.

Aerogen Solo

Single-patient-use device that facilitates aerosol drug delivery at every stage of a patient’s respiratory journey (IMV, NIV, HF and when self-ventilating).

Aerogen Ultra

A handheld device used in conjunction with the Aerogen Solo to deliver inhalation treatment either during exacerbations or post-ventilation as part of the weaning process

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Aerogen – High performance aerosol drug delivery