Body Plethysmography

MasterScreen Body Plethysmography

Spacious cabin with integrated sensors for box and mouth pressure as well as easy-to-exchange, heated pneumotach for a determination of flow and volume and a quick shutter. Patient comfort is assisted by height-adjustable seat and easy-to-handle support arm.

Vyntus BODY – The NEW Body Plethysmograph

The new Vyntus BODY stands for high value and outstanding quality down to the smallest details, makes hygiene routines fast and easy, improves patient comfort and safety with a low entry step of only 7 cm and is equipped with an innovative calibration-free and waterproof ultrasonic sensor for fast, reliable and accurate results.

Vmax Autobox V62J and V62W System

The Vmax Autobox from Vyaire combines pressure-compensated-flow technology and spacious cabin design, resulting in more testing capabilities, less stressful patient environment, and faster test completion time.