Clarius HD3 – Wireless Ultrasound Scanner

Manage your exams anywhere and improve patient outcomes with clear, real-time imaging that is easy to use, affordable, and ultra-portable.

Unmatched Image Quality

Clarius HD3 delivers sharp and clear imaging to easily identify anatomy, confidently diagnose pathology, and guide procedures in real-time at the bedside.

Powered by artificial intelligence, 192 piezoelectric elements, and (not one but) eight beamformers, only Clarius HDdelivers the high performance of cart-based systems in a new form factor that feels like a traditional probe.

We’ve Specialized Because You Do

The new Clarius HD3 delivers an amazing ultrasound experience for clinicians across specialties with total 7 transducers choices.
L15-HD3 – the most versatile linear scanner which can provide superior image quality with scanning depth up to 7 cm
L7-HD3 – with maximum 11cm scanning depth which can penetrant the deepest region.
L20-HD3 – the world’s only handheld ultrasound device with 20MHz frequency. Design to provide extremely high image quality in the near field.
C3-HD3 – Full body scanning from abdomen to extremities with Max. 40cm scanning depth.
PA-HD3 – Phased Array scanner designed for cardiac exam. Leading choice for medical professionals looking for premium cardiac imaging.
C7-HD3 – Get a clear window into small parts and pediatric patients. Purpose-designed for pediatric full body scanning and clear imaging of small parts for applications like speech therapy.
EC7-HD3 – The only wide-band microconvex handheld scanner purposed-designed for early obstetrics,  gynecology, IVF, pelvic, and urology exams.