Sterile Disposable Bronchoscope

Broncoflex is a single use flexible video Bronchoscope made in France by Axess Vision Technology.

It is available in 2 sizes and compatible with the portable screen to give a superior image.

Sterile and coming straight out of the packet the Broncoflex eliminates any risk of cross contamination.

Available at any time and always ready for use enhancing patient safety.

Endoscopy Reprocessing Detergent

Matrix is a breakthrough biofilm removal detergent to replace enzymatic detergent.

It can be used in manual cleansing, AER and Ultrasonic Cleansing Devices.

Being supported by many published scientific publications, Matrix is the world’s frist validated biofilm removal detergent to remove conventional biological soils and bacterial biofilms.

All Endoscopy, Central Sterilizing Departments and Dental Practices are ideal application areas.