Matrix Biofilm Remover

Matrix- Biofilm removal detergent to replace enzymatic detergent




  • The first documented and proven solution to the complex problem of validated cleaning of modern medical devices
  • To fully replace existing enzymatic detergents- it works more than just removal of biological soiling but additionally, accumulated biofilm on the medical devices along the time
  • Formulated to effectively clean medical devices in both normal and worst case applications.
  • Rapidly solubilise blood, proteins, body tissue, carbohydrates, lipids and mucopolysaccharides.

Application and Intended Usage

The patented formulation of MATRIX® is specifically intended for

  • Endoscopes (rigid and flexible)
  • Ultrasound probes
  • Complex medical devices and all other medical instruments

Direction of Use

  • Manual Cleansing
  • Automated Endoscopic Preprocessors
  • Ultrasonic Use

Pack sizes Available

  • 1L Bottle
  • 5L Bucket


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