HYGIE – Bedpan System

Hygie’s systems are easy to use, efficient, economical and, above all, easy to implement.

The Hygie solution uses Super Absorbent Hygienic® Envelopes and Single Patient Supports to capture excreta and therefore any potential contaminants directly at the source and thus eliminate cross-contamination

Hygienic Cover

Each Hygienic Cover® (liner) fits easily on a bedpan and contains a super-absorbent pad that absorbs and solidifies more than 700 ml of body fluids (urine, blood and stool) within seconds. It reduces the risk of spills and dispersions of infectious germs, helping to prevent HAI and cross-contamination. The Hygienic Cover® is made from recycled materials.


  • Substantially reduces the incidence of nosocomial infections
  • Economic
  • Captures contaminants at the source
  • Allows a complete and unique system for each patient that can be used according to specific needs
  • Eliminate chores of cleanings
  • Easy to implement and requires no investment

Bedpan Support & Extender

Single patient use, the Hy21® Bedpan Support reduces the time spent handling biological fluids, cleaning and disinfecting contaminated equipment (one support per patient per stay).

The bedpan extender is used for overweight people. Stands on the Hy21® Support to increase its height.