Handheld Spirometers

Micro I

The Micro I is the newest handheld spirometer in the Vyaire/Micro Medical range with a modern ergonomic design and many appealing features.

MicroLoop Spirometer

PDA-sized spirometer for open/closed loop spirometry testing, including pre/post bronchodilator, incentives, trending and USB interface. Now available with SPCS software option.

MicroLab Spirometer

Portable Spirometer used in physicians’ offices or for bedside testing. Print directly from MicroLab or connect to our new SPCS software for more powerful reporting and trending.

PulmoLife Monitor

COPD screening monitor, measuring FEV1, FEV1%. Shows smokers the damage they are causing to their lungs by calculating their “Lung Age”.


The MicroPeak is a precision peak flow meter offered with either the ATS or EU scale.

Micro Diary

Handheld electronic data capture spirometer and records electronic patient reported outcome (ePRO).