Cardio Pulmonary Diagnostic

Our interfacing, data handling and service to the respiratory, sports medicine, research and other medical communities supports a diverse global diagnostic business need. Complete product portfolios for spirometry/screening, complete PFT and metabolic testing include MicroMedical spirometers, Jaeger MasterScreen system and Oxycon

Critical Respiratory Care

Provide your patients with advanced respiratory care from a brand that’s trusted worldwide.

Alpha MedTech respiratory care and ventilation systems, equipment and products help clinicians enhance patient care, improve safety and reduce costs.

Breathing Allergy Test

Alpha Medtech provides leading-edge breath and gas analysis equipment. 


Alpha Medtech provides wireless handheld ultrasound with best-in-class image quality. AI-powered App for iOS and Android ensure the usability. 

Infection Control

Alpha MedTech’s Infection Control range includes Room Sanitizing UV-C device, Hospital-use air-purifier, disposable antimicrobial curtains, surface disinfectant wipes, patient bedbath wipes, medical instruments biofilm removal detergents, antimicrobial tissue paper that offers a niche and comprehensive solution to prevent the spread of medically significant pathogens and controlling cross-infection in healthcare facilities.


Hemodynamic Monitors
Cardiotronic’s completely noninvasive hemodynamic monitors are able to continuously measure flow, contractility, resistance, and fluid within seconds of placing only four small Cardiotronic Sensors™.The AESCULON® and ICON® both incorporate Electrical Cardiometry (EC™), Cardiotronic’s patented algorithm, for measurement of several hemodynamic parameters, such as stroke volume and cardiac output.Cardiotronic’s EC Monitors are the only devices of their kind market released for use in the neonate, pediatric, and adult populations.

Paediatric / Neonate

Alpha MedTech’s Paediatric/Neonatal range includes Hard Manufacturing Cribs, Armstrong neonatal circuits that offers a niche and comprehensive solution to our clients.


From sterile disposable bronchoscope to bioflim removal instrument reprocessing detergent Matrix, Alpha MedTech provides products to give improved standards and save clinical staffs’ time in endoscopic procedures.

Alpha MedTech endopscopy provides ready-to-use equipment and products help clinicians enhance patient care, improved infection control outcome on endoscopic cleansing.


Provide your patients with advanced anaesthesia care from the brands that’s trusted worldwide

Alpha MedTech anaesthesia care equipment and products help clinicians enhance patient care, improve safety and reduce costs.

Cardio Vascular

We offers non-invasive, stress-free, fast and easy way to simplify processes in clinics and medical practices and to enhance the diagnostic quality with new method to provide interpretation on cardiac and vascular health.